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Therapeutics for Pharm.D.


Therapeutics is the core area of Pharm.D & Pharmacy Practice. EduRx offers a core deliverable of therapeutic modules for institutions and individuals associated with the Pharm.D & Pharmacy Practice programs.

The “PLMS” pertaining to therapeutics is about 100+ hours of learning content. The PLMS has been built on high yield educational content with high quality instructional design to create a rich learning experience. The PLMS is designed to assist Pharm.D & Pharmacy Practice students relating to their regular academics (therapeutics) and enable them to prepare for international ‘Qualifying’ pharmacist licensure examinations’.

The modules presented on the PLMS are based on an integrated learning approach adopting the blueprints of various pharmacy jurisdictions such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia and India. There are ‘18’ modules which put together constitute about ‘110’ different topics in the core areas of therapeutics.

Edurx Aims to:

  • Help graduating Pharm.D & Pharmacy Practice professional to broaden their therapeutic skill and knowledge
  • Develop their professional competencies
  • Enhance their communication skills
  • Ensure they remain up to date with current trends and best practices
  • Provide valuable exposure to the global pharmacy community
  • Help navigate the official process for international licensure recognition
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