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Why EduRx - About us

EduRx is a global online learning portal for Pharmacy Practices Professional, promoted by ‘AZIMUTH’ in association with ‘ACNOVA’.


Azimuth is a provider of online professional education and training, as well as healthcare BPO and digital content creation services, established in the year 2000. It has its presence in the USA, Canada, France and India. Its elearning expertise includes content creation, instructional design, graphic animation, and learning management systems (LMS). The company sells its training content online through its website and through distributors that resell the course under their own brands.


EduRx is the Pharma division of ‘AZIMUTH’ and ‘ACNOVA’ (content development partner). For the first time in India, AZIMUTH has developed the Pharmacist Learning Management System (PLMS) pertaining to therapeutics for Pharm.D students & pharmacy practice professional, delivered through its online & offline learning portal EduRx.


The “EduRx – Therapeutics modules” are designed to assist Pharmacy Practice professional to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to meet international practice standards.



  • Promotes sustainable development of pharmacist consistent with global statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Meets the needs of aspiring Pharm.D & Pharmacy Practice graduates both nationally and internationally, providing the necessary learning resources, knowledge and skills required to practice competently in a variety of settings.
  • Prepares the next generation of skilled and ethical pharmacist by providing excellent training that prepares them to compete in a diverse world market.
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